New post coming soon!

Despite many great stories to cover I haven’t blogged since last summer. Where has the time gone?

Well, since you ask, I took a three-month sabbatical last fall to work on another project, in which I retraced the route that some woman suffrage activists took in 1915, driving from San Francisco to Washington DC. You can read about it at When I returned I got busy with billable work and some other more pressing projects and couldn’t find the time to do another blog post. But I’m working on a new one and should have it ready in the next week or so.

Anne B. Gass

For over 30 years I've advocated for and supported efforts to create housing that ordinary people can afford, whether they're buying their first home or renting. I think housing is a basic human right; without a safe place to call home it's pretty tough to raise a family, go to work or school, or plug into your community...




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